Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is typically a drab and uninspired space in the house. When we use the bathroom we are typically staring at a wall or getting in and out quickly. For many people, the thought of adding interest to the bathroom is hard. If this sounds like you, then here are some bathroom ideas in little rock, ar.

Fancy towels

The first thing that you can do is have some fun and fancy towels. You probably have heard of the his and hers towels but what about themed towels or towels with cartoon characters on them. We all love a nice cartoon character no matter how old or young you are.

Wall textures

Another good idea is to have some type of wall textures on walls that you will look at. These featured walls will give you something interesting to focus on instead of a magazine or a book you just can’t get into.

bathroom ideas in little rock, ar

Wall art

Artwork and pictures can make your bathroom look so much better. This is one of the best ways to spruce up a boring wall in the bathroom. Either you have it directly on the wall or you can put it in an interesting frame that will stand out from the rest of the room.

Water features

A good way to make your bathroom look completely different is by adding some type of water feature. This could be something as simple as a big plant that will catch any extra moisture from the shower or sink.

Hot and cold

If you really want your bathroom to stand out then add in some hot and cold features around the room. Whether it’s a candle warmer for your favorite scented candle or colored lights that sit on the counter, these features can make it fun to be in the bathroom.